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Wellness and Routine Exams

Our annual wellness exams offer a complete checkup of all the various aspects of your eye, from the cornea to the optic nerve. Starting with your refraction, we carefully determine what glasses or contact lens prescription best provides optimal clarity; afterwards we methodically check all the systems of your eye to ensure they are healthy. While having good eyesight is fantastic, it is unfortunately no guarantee that it’s healthy: diseases such as hypertension, diabetes or retinal tears often go unnoticed by the individual.

Dry Eye Therapy

Dry eyes are an issue many people have, and more people get them every year! Computer and screen time usually make symptoms worse. Typical issues include blurry vision, a feeling of burning eyes, excessively “teary” eyes as well as uncomfortable contact lens wear.  Thankfully we have many options available now, everything from prescription eye drops to stem cell therapy to repair damaged corneal nerves. We can even visualize the glands themselves to see how they are doing.

Skin & Eye Rejuvenation

Skin begins to lose its elasticity every year after age 30. Treatments like Botox only paralyze the muscle, making it look temporarily better but never addressing the root cause of the issue. We can treat the skin to rebuild collagen naturally, helping to prevent wrinkles and turning the clock back on the ones you currently have.  Here’s a link to explain how it works: collagen rebuilding through TempSure® Envi.


Advanced Contact Lens Fits

Most people do well with daily disposable soft contact lenses, but one type of lens doesn’t necessarily fit all people. For people with high astigmatism, corneal diseases such as keratoconus or people with higher prescriptions, oftentimes standard contact lenses won’t work for the patient. We can custom design soft contact lenses and newer technology scleral lenses for the patient so that they can see as comfortably and clearly as possible.

Refractive Surgery Consults

If you’re interested in LASIK / PRK / ICLs / Cataract Surgery or would just like a second opinion, give us a call!

Medical Diagnosis

We have extensive experience in diagnosing and observing eye issues. Diabetic eye exams, pediatric screenings, rheumatoid arthritis, macular degeneration, glaucoma, retinal detachments, keratoconus, and conjunctivitis are handled on a routine basis. We specialize in seeing what others do not.

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